Historical Room

Due to COVID-19, the Historical Room located inside the Mechanicville Library is closed. Please utilize our digital collections during this time. Thank you.

Local History Collection:

In the Library’s Ellsworth Room, we house some of Mechanicville’s Historical Documents, including a photo collection of Veterans, which is linked on this page, back issues of the Express and it’s predecessors on micro film, and Coach Weigle’s collection of Mechanicville Team photos.

The building and organization for the Historical collection is a constant ongoing project. When visiting, we ask that you sign in at the front circulation desk and leave your photo ID during your stay. You will have full access to our irreplaceable collection. Your ID can be retrieved on your way out. Thank you for your cooperation!

Special Collections:

Mechanicville High School Yearbooks

Employees of the Boston & Maine Railroad  video by Tim Plasencia

History of the City of Mechanicville
History of the Mechanicville District Public Library
The Saturday Mercury Newspaper from late 1800’s to early 1900’s
Col. E. Ellsworth Collection
Coach Wiegle Sports Picture Collection
Veteran Collection
For More Veteran Information Check Out This Site Bivouac Veteran’s News, Inc.